Knife surrounded by tourist equipment

Many companies send in gear to us each day to review. If you or your company would like to send in your gear for us to review, evaluate and test, then please keep reading. Whether you’re a new innovative startup or a company with a long-established reputation – we want to see your stuff! We are particulary interested in the following types of gear:

  • Gear that is appropriate for bug out bags, survival kits and other emergency preparedness kits;
  • Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear
  • Good quality survival knives
  • Knife maintenance/cleaning tools and accessories (such as sharpeners)
  • Home emergency preparedness products
  • Vehicle emergency gear
  • Alternative energy / power (i.e. off-grid)
  • General survival gear
  • Warter purification/ filtration kits
  • Emergency food and hydration products (ration packs, freeze dried foods, MRE’s etc)
  • Emergency shelter and bedding gear (tents, bivvies, sleeping bags, rain ponchos, sleeping mats, tarps, emergency blankets)

Here’s our process:

  • Email our Product Review Team: with your product info and links to any websites with details;
  • Send in a sample of each item you’d like us to review. One of our team members will send you a postal address to send the samples to.
  • Once we receive your gear, we will look over it for general quality, craftsmanship, innovation, “wow factor” and relevance to our audience.
  • If we like your gear, we will then consider reviewing your product(s) on our website and social media. We will notify you via email with links to the review(s).

robaxin high PLEASE NOTE: Our review process usually takes anywhere between 1-3 weeks but this is not always guaranteed. This involves field testing and thorough research of the products.

We cannot return gear that is sent to us. It is too costly and a logistical issue. Any gear sent to us for potential review is solely at you or your company’s expense and responsibility with no guarantees of any kind from us.

So, if you’d like to send us your gear for review, by all means do so, and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer!