Here are some links to websites that we have found helpful over the years. Please note that we are not responsible for, nor do we necessarily endorse the content of these websites. Having said that we have found the content of these websites at the times we viewed them (which is quite regularly) immensely helpful and can honestly say that they are producing reliable, accurate information that you can trust. We have been in contact with many of the people who run these organizations (some on a regular basis) as you can see below and thus have a fairly good idea of what they’re on about.  If you would like your website to be listed on here, please email us and we will check it out. It would be fantastic if you could return the favour and kindly link to ours too.

General Survival/Emergency Preparedness Websites


Ultimate Survival Gear – That’s us! Your #1 gear review and survival tips website bringing you high quality, unbiased and independent reviews of a wide range of awesome survival, outdoor, camping and tactical products to give you the best bang for your buck! For more information on what we do see our ‘About Us‘ page.

Lone Wolf Preppers – A group of ‘lone wolfs’ in Western Australia prepping for the worst.

Bob Cooper Survival – The website of none other than Bob Cooper, Australia’s leading survival expert. We regularly consult Bob for his advice on survival topics.

Big River Trading Co – Is Australia’s most consulted resource on emergency preparedness and disaster planning for home, lifestyle and family. It is all all about ‘preparing for a more self reliant future in troubling times by sharing articles, learning skills and building community’. They have plenty of useful information on there, so be sure to check them out! Our founder is a BRTCO blog contributor.



The Gear Hunt – This site provides unbiased reviews of popular hunting, outdoor and survival gear. The Gear Hunt Blog is packed with helpful information on topics such as hunting, fishing and wilderness survival.



Survival Blog – The original survival blog started by James Wesley Rawles. This is a daily web log for  prepared individuals living in uncertain times.

The Bug Out Bag Guide – Probably the best, most informative website dealing with the topic of bug out bags.

The Survival Mom – Lisa Bedford (aka ‘Survival Mom’) helps moms worry less and enjoy their families more!

Ultimate Survival Tips – David Polczynski produces some of the best quality survival tips and gear reviews to be found on YouTube. A former US Marine, Boy Scout, Wilderness Survival School Teacher and Sigma 3 Survival Instructor, David really does know his stuff!

Secrets Of Survival – Ken Wilson has some of the finest survival information on the planet being a former US Special Forces guy. Our founder personally likes this website and has found it immensely helpful in his journey on survival and prepping.

Prepared Christian – Chris Ray writes frequently on a wide range of survival topics and particularly why Christians should be prepping.

Survivopedia – This website is basically a huge treasure trove of survival information.

Sigma 3 Survival School– They are the most comprehensive survival school currently on the planet viagra online no prior prescription. Rob Allen the founder of Sigma 3 is a great guy and has worked hard to establish this school.

Dan’s Depot – Check out the Dan’s Depot blog for some of Craig Caudill’s top-notch survival and emergency preparedness tips.

Nature Reliance School – These guys offer some of the best practical, no-nonsense survival training and information around. They also have an online school – we recommend that you check it out.

Willow Haven Outdoor – Creek Stewart – the name should ring a bell. He’s one of our favourite survival experts on wilderness survival, bushcraft and bugging out. Check out his books: “Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag”, “Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle” and “Build the Perfect Bug Out Skills”.

More Than Just Surviving – Great husband-wife team producing some excellent survival information and gear reviews.

Gray Wolf Survival – No-nonsense information for beginning preppers and student survivalists from a US Army combat vet.

Wilderness Survival – Excellent information on a wide range of wilderness survival topics. Be sure to test your knowledge by taking their survival quiz!

The Economic Collapse Blog – Founded by Michael Snyder, this website tells you all that you need to know about the developing global economic crisis and how you can be prepared for it.

Off Grid Survival – This website is run by Robert Richardson who is backed by 20 years of real world wilderness survival experience. You’ll find the information on this website extremely helpful.

Urban Survival Site – Has a ton of valuable articles on various aspects of urban emergency preparedness. Wilderness Survival Guide – Great survival tips to help you stay alive if lost, hurt or stranded!

Survival Sullivan – Dan writes on a broad range of survival and preparedness topics. You will absolutely love his website! He is also one of our guest contributors.

A Sharp Slice – Information on edged tools from kitchen knives to survival knives and more.

43 Fantastic Prepping Tips (List) – Excellent list of 43 must-know prepping tips. Check it out!
Two Way Radio Talk – Informative blog posts on the latest products in the communications field for outdoor, survival, and riding enthusiasts.


Alternative News Sources

Truth Journalism

World Net Daily (WND)

Drudge Report

The Daily Sheeple

Before It’s News

Survival Pulse

Daily Collapse Report

Armstrong Economics

The Blaze

Red Flag News

Trends Research

Survival Foods

Survival Storehouse – Distributors for Mainstay Emergency Rations in Australia

Everlasting Foods – Aussie Distributors for Wise Foods – 25 year shelf life storable foods.  Mention that the team from Ultimate Survival Gear sent you and receive 5% OFF your order!

Happy Camper Gourmet – “The revolution in camping food!” Click the link to see why.

Prepping 101 – How to Food Prep: 30 days Worth of Food – Excellent guide to the different types of survival foods and food procurement methods such as hunting, fishing and foraging. Definitely check this out!