Product Review Policy

Here at Ultimate Survival Gear, our primary purpose is to help you make the right choice when purchasing survival gear and emergency preparedness supplies. As a result, we do a lot of gear reviews to discover the best survival gear on the market. Many top brands already send in gear for us to review and we are very grateful for that. If you’re interested in having us review one of your products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There are just some things though that we like to make sure we’re upfront about.
Product reviews will only cost you or your company the items themselves and postage. We try to be as fair as possible when reviewing and assessing any gear that comes through our doors. But please understand that we will not necessarily praise and endorse a product that we do not believe in – a product that we would not personally feel comfortable taking out into the backcountry. We cannot, out of a good conscience, say nice things about a particular item as that is cheating our readers in a sense – it’s just not going to happen. Imagine being duped into wasting your money on a piece of junk endorsed by a supposedly reputable gear review organization? In general, we only write positive things about products we actually like. If a certain product is particularly junky, we simply will not review it to avoid damaging the reputation of the company based on one bad product. Having said that, any negative opinions will be expressed constructively and fairly as much as possible – put simply we give credit where we believe it is due. If you make good products, you get good reviews.
Any products that are sent to us cannot be returned under any circumstances. We cannot guarantee that we will review all items that come through our doors although we will still aim to do so. Because we are a small family operated business, we can only do so much. If you would like to find out more about getting your product reviewed please email us at: or to find out a list of gear that we’re looking to review click here.

Gear Giveaway Policy

From time to time we may host sponsored gear giveaways of products that we really like and that have been proven to stand up to the rigours of constant usage (and maybe even some accidental abuse).  These gear giveaways are sponsored by their applicable companies. If you would like us to host a gear giveaway, please email our Marketing Manager: for more information. Please note that all costs associated with the giveaway (including the item(s) and shipping) are the responsibility of you or your company. It is also your responsibility for mailing the items to the winners of the giveaway unless other arrangements have been made for us to take care of this beforehand.
Gear Giveaways are open to entrants age 13 and older who are residents of mainland Australia. We select the winner of the giveaway randomly using an online random picking tool.