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Hoorag Survival Bandanna

see url The kind folks at www.hoorag.com sent me several bandannas some time ago to test out. I’ve been really busy lately caught up with lots of things relating to running this website and have only got a chance to put a short review up here.

buy finasteride online paypal Hoorag is based in Florida in the USA and specialise in producing this revolutionary bandanna.

http://aj-smith.com/?p=85 Anyway, I’ve been wearing this one-piece, tubular bandanna on hikes and bush walks for over a month now as it is winter down under. I typically use it as a neck gaiter or a bandanna over my nose. Its very comfortable and effective at stopping the cold from getting to your body. I’m very impressed with it.

They are made in China from 100% moisture wicking polyester microfibre and are rated at UPF30+ sun protection.

According to the Hoorag website, this bandanna can be worn in 10 + different ways:

Face mask
Neck gaiter
Head band
Alice rag
Pirate rag
Pony tail rag

For the survivalist, a bandanna can be used for:

1. Signal (also see signal mirror)
2. Neck Gaiter for cold weather
3. Tourniquet (But for Snake Bites use a Sawyer Extractor)
4. Pot Holder
5. Collecting Wild Edibles
6. Sun block for neck
7. Sling (first-aid – also see medical kits for you BOB)
8. Sling (as in David and Goliath)
9. Sling (for a staff )
10. Cordage  (strips or as is)
11. Washcloth/Towel (Bathe out of a Collapsible Bucket)
12. Sweatband
13. Waist pack/pouch
14. Hobo Pack
15. Padding a hotspot
16. Cleaning Patches for Firearm
17. Bullet Patches for Muzzleloader
18. Gun Wipe Cloth (with oil)
19. Toilet Paper
20. Mark a Trail
21. Dish Rag
22. Napkin
23. Eye patch
24. Pre-water Filter (like Coffee Filters)
25. Clean Glasses and other lens
26. Ear Muffs
27. Bind a stone and toss a line over a limb
28. Dust Mask (in Urban Survival)
29. Wet and wear for Hot Weather
30. Sneezing

(Adapted from “30 Uses for a Bandanna”, http://survivalcache.com/30-uses-for-a-bandana/)

Hoorags are available […]

Blackhawk! CQB/Riggers Belt – Excellent EDC Belt

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the CQB/Rigger’s Belt made by Blackhawk! (check out their website Blackhawk.com). Blackhawk! is a trusted American company and has been a leading manufacturer of tactical duty belts and heaps of other quality tactical gear products for the last 25 years. The Blackhawk CQB/Rigger’s belt is made in the USA and is Mil-Standard 858 certified (which basically means its approved for use in the military), so you can be confident that you’re buying a quality product which should serve you well. You can get this belt from Amazon.com, Blackhawk! and many online retailers for usually under $50.
This belt is available in four solid colours: Coyote Tan, Desert Sand Brown, Black and Olive Drab (OD) Green. You can also get a MULTICAM version which is rated at 5,000 lb. In terms of sizes, you can get this belt in the range of 29″ – 51” so this should fit most waists.

The camlock style buckle is made from heavy duty parachute grade alloy steel so it’s capable of being used as an emergency or backup harness when abseiling. Its also double stitched to the webbing with a Class 7 sewing machine for maximum strength and support. The parachute adaptor is really a dedicated V-shaped loop for securing a karabiner for attachment to a paracord line or primary harness. The buckle is easily adjustable and has one great advantage over standard belts with the fact that is has no buckle arm. This means thats its not going to get broken and none of this having to punch extra belt holes. Its a great idea to carry a parachute grade karabiner around in your pocket and perhaps MIL-SPEC paracord in your daypack which can come in […]