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Helle Temagami – Les Stroud Survivorman Knife – Review

Since 1932, Helle Knives represented the very highest traditions of quality in Norwegian craftsmanship. This knife production started in an old forge near the home of the founding brothers, Steinar and Sigmund Helle. The knife soon became extremely popular among the locals and their fame spread to other towns, so the two brothers packed their bags full of knives and set off on bicycle towards the east to set up the foundations of this modern day knife manufacturing company. Today, Helle knives are still made manually in order to stick to Helle’s core philosophy of quality craftsmanship. As they always say, “No machine can replace the hands of a skilled craftsman.” Despite its aesthetic qualities, a Helle knife is not made to be an ornament. It is made to be used. Out of the many different knives Helle makes, today we are going to be taking a look at the Helle Temagami. Designed by Les Stroud (famous for his Discovery TV show “Survivorman”), the Temagami is a medium length, fixed blade bushcraft knife made at the Helle knife factory in Holmedal, Norway.

Unlike other popular knives with 4mm+ thick blades, the Helle Temagami has a 3mm thick 11 cm long blade. This does not compromise the strength or quality of the blade at all, in fact it gives the Temagami an advantage over other thicker knives because thinner blades can be used for fine bushcraft tasks like what the Temagami was designed for. Helle knives are not survival tools, they are cutting tools, and the Temagami is no exception. The semi-full tang of the Helle Temagami provides the extra strength associated with bushcraft knives, and with the drop point style tip this makes for a stronger tip and overall, […]

NEW! Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

The best features, components and usability you could expect from a fixed blade knife!
Hey guys! Its Caleb with Ultimate Survival Gear and today I’m going to be reviewing Gerber’s latest 2015 tactical/survival knife – the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade. If you’re a fan of Gerber’s LMF2 and Prodigy, you’ll be really wanting to add this tough-as-hell knife to your collection! Ok, let’s jump straight in and see why.

The company

This knife is made by Gerber Legendary Blades which has an established reputation in the knife manufacturing industry and has been making survival knives for the US military since 1968. The StrongArm is based around the fundamentals of military survival training and is MIRS compliant meaning that it is approved for use by military personnel. I’m sure that in time, we’ll see the US military testing this new combat/survival knife with the troops.
The knife

The StrongArm came in a pretty standard plastic blister-type package and was quite difficult to remove from the packaging… nothing major really. The first thing I noticed about this knife was that it has a very similar design and resemblance to two of Gerber’s top iconic knives, the Prodigy and the LMF2. So it is basically a next generation LMF2/Prodigy in a sense. The second thing I noticed about this knife was that its made in Portland, Oregon in the USA, not in China so this is a big plus. One of the great features of the StrongArm is that it is full tang and of course we know that full-tang is regarded by experts as the absolute best way to design a survival knife. In terms of colour, you can get this knife either in Black or Coyote Brown. The good news is that it is available […]

Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife: BEST Survival Knife for the Masses?

By JustSurviving

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife is the first generation of survival knives that was produced when Bear Grylls teamed up with Gerber Legendary Blades to produce his renowned lineup of survival products. I have had one of these knives for over 3 years and it definitely has more pros than cons. So let’s begin the review…
Based on a proven design…
The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife is essentially based on the design of Gerber LMF2 ASEK, a troop-tested, rugged survival knife used by the US Military. The main difference between both knives is that Bear Grylls’s version is a lot cheaper, Made in China (unlike the LMF2 which is made in the USA) and has his branding on it.
The Knife
The blade itself is made out of high carbon stainless steel and is a drop point blade. Coming out of the packaging the edge and serrations of the 4.8in or 12.2cm blade were very sharp and could easily cut through paper. The blade features a half serration and a very nice cutting belly on the straight edge. Over the long period of usage I have only needed to sharpen the blade once every month or so (depending on usage) as the edge retains its sharpness very well; which can be attributed to the high carbon steel. The drop point blade on this knife also gives the point of the blade great strength and durability. I have tested and proved this through throwing the knife numerous times into dead hardwood and on the occasion the point/blade has also fallen onto concrete and industrial steel. Still the point hasn’t rounded off or snapped. About the only thing that I dislike about this knife is that […]

Bear Grylls Fixed Blade Paracord Knife Review

Written by JustSurviving.

I must say off the cuff, that the Bear Grylls Paracord knife is great! Ok, let’s begin.
The Blade
The characterizing feature of this full tang knife is that the handle is an extension of the actual blade. This enables the knife to have great balance and feel, more on this later.

The actual blade length is 8.6cm or 3.4in and is made out of 5Cr15MoV stainless steel. This is considered as a lower grade steel, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the blade held its edge after feathering, whittling and general usage. Out of the packet the blade was very sharp and able to shave off hairs and was easily sharpened or touched up. The drop point blade also enables the knife to be used for piercing which comes in handy if you use the knife for one of its designed purposes as being used as a spear when lashed to a long stick. Altogether the blade was able to cope in many mundane and divers situations.
The Handle
The handle measures 8.5cm or 3.3in. The handle is a skeleton of the full tang and is wrapped around with 132cm or 51.9in of medium grade orange paracord. With the paracord on, the handle is surprisingly comfortable to handle. On the back of the blade there is some jimping which gives excellent grip and control for general use and for finer crafting or whittling. At the base of the blade there is a cut out (sometimes referred to as a choil) which comfortably accommodates the index finger and stops your hand from sliding onto the blade when stabbing or piercing any given material.

When the paracord is removed from the handle, the knife looks quite crude […]