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    Creek Stewart’s Apocabox – Unboxing Video (April 2016 Edition)

Creek Stewart’s Apocabox – Unboxing Video (April 2016 Edition)

Unboxing video of the April 2016 edition of the Apocabox by Creek Stewart from Willow Haven Outdoors.

If you don’t know who Creek is, he is a leading survival instructor, the host of the hit series “Fat Guys in the Woods” TV show on The Weather Channel, the founder of Willow Haven Outdoor, a wilderness survival school based in Central Indiana, USA and an accomplished author of a number of survival books:

Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit
The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide
Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle
Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills
STUCK: A survival short story

More info about Creek Stewart can be found at his personal website

The Apocabox is a subscription based service in which you get a box sent out every other month packed full of the coolest and finest survival tools, information and gear hand selected by Creek Stewart for a decent fee and shipped direct to your doorstep. Perfect as a gift for that special someone or just for the surprise factor!

For more info visit

Here at Ultimate Survival Gear, we’ve been a huge fan of Creek, his books and his work for quite some time. We love what he does and we believe the Apocabox is such a fantastic idea which is why we wanted to get our hands on one.

A HUGE ‘thank you’ to Creek and Jacob from Apocabox for generously sending one out to us to do an unboxing video and product review so stay tuned as that will be coming soon!

  • 16/06/2012 NEWS: Picture of Bob Cooper at Harry Waring Reserve where he teaches people nature survival in the bush or desert He is also launching a book about survival .Picture of Bob Cooper using striped bandages to tie up sticks for a shelter . Pictures Theo Fakos
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    The Bob Cooper Survival Kit: Tailored To & Tested In Aussie Conditions – Our Review

The Bob Cooper Survival Kit: Tailored To & Tested In Aussie Conditions – Our Review

Well a couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to review Bob’s book “Outback Survival”. Today I’m going to be reviewing his Survival Kit which is in use by Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, government agencies, pilots and mining companies as well as prepared people like me. Bob originally developed the prototype for this kit back in the late 80’s. He’s also personally tested it out on a 10 day, 160 + km trek through the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. This current kit is the result of Bob’s extensive testing and refining.

Let us first take a look at the container. It is made of sturdy, durable aluminium with a water-resistant seal in the lid.  You can see the Bob Cooper Outback Survival branding on the front. The container is designed for cooking in which is one big plus in my opinion. The total weight of this kit is 434 grams. The dimensions of the container are 130 x 95 x 43mm – small enough to fit inside a pants pocket.

The kit contains 32 fantastic components – the absolute bare essentials for surviving out in the bush:

Compass, flint and hacksaw blade
Cotton pad, whistle, knife and plastic mirror
Tweezers, and plastic bags
Needle, fishing line, hooks, swivel and sinkers
Trace wire, cord and pencil
Stock cubes, tea bag, coffee and glucose
Puritabs, Condy’s crystals and paracetemol
Scalpel, bandaids and alcohol swabs
Antiseptic wipes (contains iodine)
Pencil and instruction sheet
Magnifying lens and multi tool
AAA Torch and playing cards

We will now take a look at each of the contents individually:

Folding Knife
Included in this kit is a decent fine-edge folding knife: a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops. It’s one of my favourite folding knives and is excellent at what it is capable of. A […]

Rocky S2V Survival Grenade – Review


Rocky S2V have come up with some great, high-end adventure clothing and footwear gear designed to stand up to the harshest of weather conditions.

As a bonus accessory to their clothing and footwear range, they came up with a survival grenade which is basically made up of a few hard-to-improvise, survival items wrapped in about 3 metres of paracord that you can clip to your belt or pack using the supplied carabiner. It also comes with a cardboard sleeve that houses a Survival Priorities Guide by Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School.

About 3 metres of paracord make up the tightly woven body of the Rocky S2V Survival Grenade.

It took about a minute for me to un-wrap the paracord to remove the contents inside. I really wanted to know if this was real 550 paracord, so I took it apart and found that this is not the regular 7 strands with 2 yarns per strand type, but instead had 5 strands with 3 yarns per strand. So, it is real paracord, but not the standard type. With the 5 inner strands removed, this survival grenade contains up to 18 metres of usable cordage including the outer casing.

Inside the tightly woven paracord grenade shape is a small aluminium foil bundle containing a scalpel, a ferrocerium rod almost 5 cm long, some jute twine tinder, 2 metres of aluminium snare wire, a large sewing needle, 2 split shot fishing weights, 1 small and 1 large fishing hook and a 30 by 30 cm square of thick heavy duty aluminium foil.

The foil containing all these items is very thin, and when un-wrapping it, I put a large hole in the side.

This is really no big deal as this piece of foil can be […]

Henry Arms Survival Kit – Best Survival Kit Under $100?

One of the things I’ve noticed lacking in pre-made survival kits these days is quality components. What use is it to have a dirt cheap, Made In China survival kit that will most likely fail on you when you find yourself plumb in the middle of a disaster – a situation when you really need a survival kit most?

But, then I stumbled across the Henry Arms Survival Kit. I discovered its made in the USA, used by the US military (among others) and I believe this may actually be the solution to quality, pre-made survival kits. The only other kits I’ve seen that would compare to it in terms of quality would be the UK made BCB Combat Survival Kit and the Escape and Evade Military Survival Kit. It is also very similar to the Best Glide Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit. You can get this kit for around $85 on and just under $100 from Henry Repeating Rifles. This kit was originally created back in 2011 when Henry Arms (best known for their classic range of lever-action rifles which dates back to the American Civil War) teamed up with Best Glide Adventurer Survival Equipment to create this kit for Henry to sell along with their popular AR-7 survival rifle which has been used by Airforce pilots as a survival rifle since 1959.

Best Glide specialises in supplying quality survival kits and equipment to the US armed forces (Army, Navy, Airforce, USMC, Coast Guard, Special Forces) and have been doing so for the last decade. They originally started out by creating survival gear for aviators and then eventually expanded to providing survival kits and equipment armed forces and the civilian population.

The kit is very comprehensive, packed with the essentials and contains just about everything you need to […]

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    WOW! Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit – Best Survival Kit for EDC?

WOW! Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit – Best Survival Kit for EDC?

I bought this kit from Rays Outdoors in Australia for $55. It came in a clear blister package. The kit is very small and fits very nicely in a standard size pocket – its easy to forget that its there. The bright orange nylon outer bag is very easy to spot if you lose it on the trail.

The paraframe knife is tiny, uses a frame lock and has a belt clip on the back. The firesteel is a really nice quality rod of ferrocerium that would last about 7,000 strikes. I have used mine about a hundred times already and it has not fallen apart. It easily lights dry grass, wood shavings, lint, cotton balls and other tinders with just one or two strikes with the right technique. Use a very firm slow movement and press down hard with the srtriker onto the rod bracing the rod on the ground with the tinder pile in front. This produces a shower of very hot sparks right onto the tinder pile. The whistle is cheap, but very loud. The whistle produces a shrill beep like noise just over 100 decibels which is about the sound of a large diesel truck engine. The 3 metres of cord is not paracord but will do fine in a pinch. This kit does not list waxed string in the contents, but this kit comes with a nice quality roll of waxed string which is a little bit like very thick dental floss. About 30 cm of brass snare wire comes with this kit. This would be only enough to make one small snare for small game or a few repairs to some damaged gear. This kit comes with 8 very […]