Xpectre Inc. specializes in manufacturing take-down survival tools such as the Combination Survival Tool, the Compact Survival Tool Kit, the Compact Belt Pouch Fishing Kit and 3 similar take-down survival bows. Today we will be taking a look at the Nomad Survival Bow.

Xpectre’s Nomad Survival Bow breaks down to a super compact 16 inches – the most compact survival takedown bow we have seen on the market. Its small size makes it easy to store in a Bug Out Bag, INCH Bag or Survival Kit. The included arrows also break down to only 16 inches making this a very compact piece of kit. The included carrying case holds the dis-assembled pieces of the bow and arrows, and also doubles up as a back or waist quiver.Both limbs are made from resin filled fibre glass and the riser is made from fibreglass. The riser includes an arrow rest made from metal coated with rubber to ensure a smooth release of the arrow.

The type and placement of the arrow rest means the bow can be used by both left handed and right handed archers. This bow performs equally well when shot right handed, and left handed. All you have to do to convert this bow for left handed use is flip it upside down.

The limbs of the bow break down into 2 pieces, and do not need tools to be assembled. Simply slide the pieces of the limbs into the bracket in the correct order then slide the 2 assembled limbs into the brackets on the riser. You might want to mark the limbs before you disassemble the bow so that when you assemble it next time, the limbs will be bending the same way to eliminate uneven wear on the brackets. […]