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Wise Foods Review

I’ve been wanting to review Wise Food products for quite some time mainly because I’ve heard a lot of good and bad things about them and I wanted to see for myself what’s the deal with these wonderful freeze dried storable foods with a flattering 25 year shelf-life. Recently I stumbled across Everlasting Foods who are authorised distributors of Wise Foods products here in Australia. Daniel the owner of Everlasting Foods and I got in contact and after seeing what we do here on this website in regards to reviewing survival products, he asked me whether we’d like to check out some Wise Foods products. I agreed, so he kindly sent me three different sorts: Creamy Pasta & Vegetable Rotini, Chilli Macaroni and Apple Cinnamon Cereal (yum!).
You can visit Daniel’s website at Be sure to mention that we sent you and you will receive 5% off your order!
A bit about Wise Foods…
For those who don’t know or are new to prepping, Wise Foods (check out the main company website at, is a wholly US based and owned company that specialises in manufacturing bulk emergency freeze dried meal replacement supplies. They have various sizes of bulk packages and kits, some of which are available through Everlasting Foods.

Here are some benefits:

Easy to prepare – just add water
Up to 25 year shelf life
High quality and great taste (yes that is actually true!)
Affordable and convenient (affordable – I’d say reasonable and as for convenient, a big yes!)
100% vegetarian for those of you out there who would prefer not to touch meat
Much lighter and more compact when you compare them against canned and other packaged foods

Wise Foods are recommended by top survival experts and other personalities. They […]

Mainstay Emergency Rations – MRE’s / Survival Food – Review

In our search for the best survival food brands out there, we came across the Mainstay Emergency Bars which are manufactured by Survivor Industries Inc in the USA. Mainstay is a somewhat popular MRE (meals ready to eat) or “meal replacement” brand among survival circles in the US and produces some of the best emergency food and water rations around. So.. let’s take an in-depth look at these products and at the end of this review, I will explain a little about who and what these products are for.

These bars come in various ration pack configurations (1200, – 1 day energy bar, 2400 – 2 days, 3600 – 3 days) all of which contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals. Susan from Survival Storehouse, the Aussie distributors for the Mainstay emergency food and water range, kindly sent me a sample of the 2400 or 2 day food ration pack and also the personal care kit, the ARK 3 for a review and taste test.Mainstay 2400

Inside each vacuum sealed, foil ration pack are 6 small, hard bars, each of which contain 400 calories each.

6 bars multiplied by 400 calories each makes 2400 hence the name of this particular ration pack. If at sea, the instructions on the packet recommend that you eat three of the bars a day giving you a 48 hr (2 day) supply per packet and on land, two of them giving you a 72 hr (3 day) supply. The reason for this is that you generally use up a lot more calories when out at sea (especially when trying to stay afloat after a shipwreck or going overboard for example) than on land. The conditions at sea are less forgiving than those on […]