purchase Viagra no prescription in Milwaukee Wisconsin The Digger Bullet Pen is by far one of the finest genuine bullet pens I’ve seen on the market today. This pen is made by Oz Bullet Pens (www.ozbulletpens.com) which is owned by Andrew and Carol Munden (both retired Australian military service personnel) and is based near Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

tinidazole tablets Oz Bullet Pens employs ex military service personnel with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills to carefully handcraft these pens. They produce 3 different pen ranges, namely the Basic, Elite and  Luxury ranges. The Basic Range is the Digger Pen which is made of two .308 rifle shells. The Elite range combines a single .308 cal rifle shell on the bottom with a range of unusual materials on top such as deer antler, buffalo horn, camouflage (jungle, desert, or urban), and a beautiful range of timbers and coloured acrylics. The Luxury range includes some unusual pens:  The Boss which is a single .50 cal rifle shell combined with a choice of acrylics, camouflage, wood, deer antler, or buffalo horn. The Bolt-Action Pen (and the one that fascinated me the most) features a unique bolt-action mechanism, and looks stunning in various different types of wood, as well as the ever-popular deer antler. It features a replica rifle shell, and makes a great and unusual gift. The Cherish Pen is made purely of acrylic in a range of colours, and is the perfect gift for weddings – ‘nuff said.  Finally you’ve got the Carbon Fibre Pen and this one is quite interesting.  But, today we will be only taking a look at the ‘Digger’.

source url The ‘Digger’ is currently their best-selling product and is very popular with male customers, needless to say. My initial thoughts of this pen were firstly that it was […]