The best features, components and usability you could expect from a fixed blade knife!
Hey guys! Its Caleb with Ultimate Survival Gear and today I’m going to be reviewing Gerber’s latest 2015 tactical/survival knife – the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade. If you’re a fan of Gerber’s LMF2 and Prodigy, you’ll be really wanting to add this tough-as-hell knife to your collection! Ok, let’s jump straight in and see why.

The company

This knife is made by Gerber Legendary Blades which has an established reputation in the knife manufacturing industry and has been making survival knives for the US military since 1968. The StrongArm is based around the fundamentals of military survival training and is MIRS compliant meaning that it is approved for use by military personnel. I’m sure that in time, we’ll see the US military testing this new combat/survival knife with the troops.
The knife

The StrongArm came in a pretty standard plastic blister-type package and was quite difficult to remove from the packaging… nothing major really. The first thing I noticed about this knife was that it has a very similar design and resemblance to two of Gerber’s top iconic knives, the Prodigy and the LMF2. So it is basically a next generation LMF2/Prodigy in a sense. The second thing I noticed about this knife was that its made in Portland, Oregon in the USA, not in China so this is a big plus. One of the great features of the StrongArm is that it is full tang and of course we know that full-tang is regarded by experts as the absolute best way to design a survival knife. In terms of colour, you can get this knife either in Black or Coyote Brown. The good news is that it is available […]