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    Camelbak MILTAC HAWG 2013 REDESIGNED Version – Fantastic Tactical Hydration Pack

Camelbak MILTAC HAWG 2013 REDESIGNED Version – Fantastic Tactical Hydration Pack

Today we’re going to be taking a look at a product from Camelbak. As many of you would know, Camelbak is best known for their hydration bladder systems made for both military and civilian use and is the leader in their industry.

The product we’ve been testing for the last 2 months is the redesigned 2013 MILTAC HAWG and is part of their military and tactical lineup. This medium sized cargo pack is a favourite of US Navy SEALS . As Camelbak likes to say “if it’s tough enough for them, it’s tough enough for anybody”.  It’s currently available in Black, Coyote and Multicam. Black is suitable for low-profile, “gray man” everyday usage, Coyote for hiking and also EDC and Multicam for military and outdoor applications.

Here are some quick specifications:

Dimensions: 19 in x 10.5 in x 10.2 in (48 cm x 26.5 cm x 26 cm)
Hydration Capacity: 100 oz (3 L)
Cargo Volume: 1220 cu in (20 L)
Total Volume: 1400 cu in (23 L)
The pack itself weighs 1 kg empty (including the water reservoir).

What impressed me the most about this pack is it’s low profile sleek design, the top-notch quality and it’s ability to carry quite a bit of gear as well as 3 L of water.

Starting from the front of the pack and working towards the back we have a full length composite MOLLE panel on the front.

This allows room for additional storage capacity and customisation for MOLLE compatible knife sheaths, medic pouches or utility pouches to carry extra items. The material used for the front of the pack is 500D ripstop Cordura. Yes 500D admittedly is not as tough as 1000D which is used in a lot of military and tactical products but it’s much lighter. If 1000D […]

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Cocoon Emergency Sleeping Bag by Survivor Industries

The Cocoon Sleeping Bag (84″ x 36″) is a waterproof, reusable, lightweight (2.6 ounces) and portable emergency sleeping system.

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    High Range Outdoors MILSPEC Man Bag – EDC Bag / Haversack / Go Bag

High Range Outdoors MILSPEC Man Bag – EDC Bag / Haversack / Go Bag

Recently I came across High Range Outdoors (HRO) on the Internet and I naturally got interested about them for 2 reasons. Firstly HRO is a 100% Australian family business based in QLD and secondly their products are made by hand with the best quality materials available.

HRO was started by Ben Mayo in 2013. Ben is a firefighter with the QLD Fire & Emergency Services as well as an avid outdoorsperson when he finds the time. He also has a background in the military which gives him a solid foundation on what works and what doesn’t. This combined experience in the emergency, outdoors and military sectors gives him the experience he needs to produce high quality bags that will be able to stand up to prolonged hard use and the test of time… which is a very important factor for equipment bags in all three industries.

High Range Outdoors (very fitting name by the way) currently offers several products, one of which I’m going to review today called the “MILSPEC Man Bag”- special thanks to Ben for being willing to send one out to us for free. You can check out Ben’s website www.highrangeoutdoors.com.au for his other products and creations.

One thing that bothers me the most about many bags on the market that are supposedly built for outdoor use is that they often fall apart with serious use. This means two things 1) they weren’t built right in the first place and 2) quality is simply not there. You get things like terrible stitching, MOLLE webbing coming off and the bag falling to pieces in general when carrying even a reasonable load. In this case, the bags are clearly not made to last, are cheaply mass […]

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