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… it’s great to see you guys at Ultimate Survival Gear supporting and promoting emergency preparedness and survival skills.  In our fully-wired society, there seem to be fewer and fewer people who are adequately prepared when they find themselves
outside the grid.

 Scott Heiman – Managing Director, Heiman Habitat and Member of Australian Army Reserve

To set the record straight, we at Ultimate Survival Gear want to make it clear that we are not the ‘tin-foil hat wearing’,  ‘doom and gloom preaching’, ‘paranoid’, freaked out individuals that are commonly depicted in the mainstream media and on TV shows such as National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. We live ‘normal’ lives but have knowledge and skills on what to do when things go wrong… just like how a firefighter, paramedic or police officer is trained to correctly react and respond to an emergency situation. Read on if you want to find out more about why we think being prepared both physically and mentally is so important.

Learning survival skills is just pure common-sense…

We believe that emergency preparedness and learning outdoor survival skills are just pure common-sense and firmly believe that everyone should at least learn simple survival basics. We would even go so far as to say that basic survival skills are as fundamental as learning to read, write and do maths! Having an emergency survival kit is just like having a first aid kit or a fire extinguisher. Of course you hope that you never ever have to use it but when you do, at least you know that you have the gear to deal with that emergency situation.

There is evidence that knowing the basics of survival and emergency first aid can greatly increase the chances of an individual’s survival. For example there is a recent incident that could have potentially become a tragedy if three adventure-seeking kayakers in the US had not learnt some basic survival skills such as signalling for help and getting to shelter which ultimately saved their lives. Sadly, there are myriads upon myriads of other cases where people haven’t been so fortunate as those three kayakers just mentioned. Many of these people died under shocking circumstances simply due to being unprepared and taking foolish risks that should never have been taken in the first place. Whether its a summer day hike or a natural disaster, it always pays to be prepared. Sure, others may criticise you for ‘going overboard’ or being ‘overly paranoid’, but at the end of the day it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of both you and those you love and care about. And really, when disaster does strike, let me have you know that they will be the ones landing on your doorstep seeking your help!

Our Philosophy on Survival

We’re not going to write several paragraphs on our philosophy, so to succinctly put it, we strongly believe that knowledge is the key to survival. You can have all the best emergency/survival gear in the world but if you don’t have the knowledge on how to use it and how to survive, they are totally useless espanolcialis.net. That is why we are such firm believers in taking your gear into the outdoors and actually putting them to the test. Educate yourself and learn as much information while you can. There are just so many great websites and books available on these subjects (time permitting we will compile a complete list of recommended books). In terms of what survival methods we think are best, we’d say “use what works and stick by it and throw out what doesn’t work”. Plenty of survival experts/instructors and educators out there will tell you to follow such and such a method. But you can never go wrong by following a tried, tested and proven method – especially a traditional one.

Once again, thank you for stopping by this website and we hope you find the content interesting, helpful, enjoyable and a blessing in some way. If you have any queries, requests, constructive criticism or just general feedback please email us at team@ultimatesurvivalgear.com.au. We greatly appreciate any feedback!

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