Sometime mid last year (2015) we did a review of the Survivor Filter Personal water filter which is their flagship product and the larger of their two water filters. We really loved the Personal filter so much that we now recommend it to everyone! Recently we were sent the Survivor Filter Pro to review thanks to the wonderful Survivor Filter team.

The Survivor Filter Pro is manual pump operated micro water filter which filters down to 0.01 microns which is the best level of filtration. It weighs only 8 oz (around 227 g) and measures 65 inches long (165 cm) so it is just right… neither to heavy or too long.

The bonus of this larger water filter is that it allows you to filter much more water in a shorter amount of time thanks to the hand pump.

The Survivor Filter Pro comes with a drinking cup and a carrying bag to keep everything organised. Detailed instructions and a ‘How to Use’ manual are included for easy reference.

The Survivor Filter Pro can be used directly from a fresh water source and pumped into attached cup or pumped into any portable hydration pack.

The Filtration System

11_1024x1024The Survivor Filter PRO features triple filtration to 0.01 microns, thanks to a Cotton Filter, Ultra Filter and Carbon Filtration and mesh. All 3 filters Filters (Ultra and Carbon) are removable and can be cleaned or replaced by purchasing on Survivor Filter’s website as needed.  It is the only filter of it’s kind that has an Ultra Filter, Cotton Filter and a Particle Filter! The filter produces a SUPER FAST FLOW RATE of 500 ml. (17 ounces) per minute so none of this having to wait around for half an hour just to get a glass of potable water (like some other filters that are notorious for this).

Comes with detachable filter tubes.

No need to throw it out after one trip thanks to Reusable and Replaceable Filters that last up to 264 gallons (1000 Water Bottles) and can then be easily cleaned or replaced as needed.

Our Testing

For the purposes of this review, I pumped water from a muddy puddle with all kinds of nasties inside it (including chook poo).

Our testing proved that this water filter does indeed work as advertised. The flow rate is exceptional and it does and extremely good job of filtering badly contaminated water.

To use the Survivor Filter Pro you simply put one tube into the contaminated water source and the other into a container. The filter will pump the water through the filtration system and make it potable on the other end. It’s that easy!

Survivor Filter PRO vs Survivor Filter

If you were to ask me which one is better I would tell you neither are… both are the same but they have different purposes. The Survivor Filter is best used as a personal water filter and is small enough to fit in bug out bags and other types of emergency kits where space is a consideration. The Survivor Filter Pro is more suitable for upwards of 2 people, is larger than the Survivor Filter but definitely not overly bulky so will fit just fine in any bug out bag. At the end of the day, your choice between the two should be based on the amount of space you have in your bag, weight considerations and the number of people you will be “catering” for so to speak. For example your personal filter won’t really be enough if you’re travelling with a couple of other people so that’s where the Pro version comes in. Of course if things went south and that was the only filter you had between you then you would all share that. The good thing about the Pro is that it can deliver potable water straight to a cup, water bladder/reservoir, collapsible canteen or other container without the need of trying to suck from a straw. So it’s great for filtering a large amount of water for a number of people such as a family. If you’re just by yourself then the Survivor Filter is ample but of course if you want to do things like boiling larger amounts of water for cooking then the PRO comes in handy there.


The Survivor Filter PRO eliminates the need to carry around lots of water in your bug out bag thus reducing space and weight. If you want to, you can also pump water directly into your hydration bladder such as a Camelbak or Survivor Filter’s Tactical Hydration Pack (which we will be testing out soon).

Who is this filter for?

The Survivor Filter PRO is perfect for …

  • Bug Out Bags
  • Other types of emergency kits (vehicle emergency kit, get home bag etc)
  • Home emergency preparedness
  • Travelling
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Hunting

Survivor Filter stands behind their products with their unbeatable warranty.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Survivor Filter PRO, then please head over to their website to order and to view the rest of their products including the original Survivor Filter, their Collapsible Canteens and new Tactical Hydration Backpack.

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Until next time, “Be Prepared, Stay Alive!”

~ OzSurvivalGuy