I must say that after using the SteriPEN Ultra that I absolutely love it and think it’s the best and most advanced portable UV water purifier around! Best of all it is so amazingly easy to use that even a child could handle it!


The SteriPEN Ultra

steripen apart

Protective case removed

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a SteriPEN as I had heard a lot of positive things about their products and also was intrigued by their amazing UV technology. Thanks to Steve M the marketing manager at SteriPEN, I was sent a brand new Ultra UV Water Purifier to review and ‘test drive’!

The SteriPEN Ultra as I alluded to before is a 100% proven water purifier that utilises UV (ultra violet) light to eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa (something that water filters alone cannot eliminate) that cause water-borne illness.

The Ultra’s UV lamp treats up to 8,000 one-liter treatments before conking out.

It is very popular amongst international travellers (especially to 3rd world countries where the water is not potable), tourists as well as everyday prepared people like you and me.

For those interested in the specs, I have included them below:

Weight 4.94 oz
Dimensions 7.3 x 1.6 x 1.3 in
Lamp Life 8,000 treatments
Battery Internal Lithium-Ion (Included with purchase)
Battery Life 100 .5 liter treatments or 50 1 liter treatments per charge
Minimium Bottle Diameter 20mm (0.8 inches)
Filter Compatibility Tapered End (PreFilter and FitsAll)

The Ultra also comes inside a nice and handy Neoprene case with a nylon/velcro strap at the back for attachment to your belt or MOLLE webbing.

steripen case1

SteriPEN Ultra case

steripen case 2

Side view

steripen case 3

Back view with nylon/velcro strap

steripen case 4

Velcro closure at front; snug fit

http://shopcarolinas.com/robots.txt How to use it? It is so simple which is why we love it!

First turn it on by pressing the blue button once.

steripen button

Stick it into the container of water that needs purifying. The UV light will then activate.

uv light

You will see a number countdown on the user-friendly OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) screen.

Wait until you see the smiley face show up on the screen which means that the water is all good to drink! Yes you read that right – SMILEY FACE… who said water purification can’t be fun?! 🙂

smiley face

The sterilisation process can take as little as 48 seconds which is outstanding!

usbThe fantastic thing about the Ultra is that you can charge it via USB which eliminates the need to rely on and carry spare batteries – a big winner in my opinion. This means that you can charge it using your computer, laptop, wall charger (using a USB to wall adaptor), battery power bank, solar or wind-up charger. I carry a PowerMonkey Extreme solar charger inside my ‘Technology Continuity Module’ inside my bailout bag which compliments the SteriPen. This means that no matter where I am, I can recharge the SteriPEN without a hassle. One full USB charge lasts for approximately 50 treatments (full litres) or 100 half-litres.

I tested the Ultra on some rainwater from our 22,000 litre static water supply. For the record this is not the most clean water source available and has plenty of floaty creatures and all kinds of nasties inside the water (I know because I do the tank maintenance).

I sterilised two glasses of otherwise questionable water and have not experienced any adverse effects so it definitely does work plus I know that thousands of other people around the globe have tested this product before and to date I have not seen any negative reviews or heard reports of anyone falling sick or even dying from the SteriPEN Ultra not doing it’s job. So… I think we can safely say that the SteriPEN Ultra is one item that you can trust your life to and depend on in a crisis.

The SteriPEN Ultra definitely has the Ultimate Survival Gear ‘tick of approval’ so get yours now. It definitely has a place in bug out bags and emergency kits… it’s now going in mine. With a cost of around $100 USD this item is slightly on the pricey side but really is priceless especially in a crisis when access to clean drinkable water (that actually doesn’t make you sick), is so crucial.

Check out the SteriPEN website www.steripen.com to find your nearest dealer.

As always, many thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this review! Until next time, “Be Prepared, Stay Alive!”