The Cocoon Sleeping Bag (84″ x 36″) is a waterproof, reusable, lightweight (2.6 ounces) and portable emergency sleeping system. It provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold. It is manufactured from extremely lightweight, flexible mylar and retains up to 90% body heat in cold weather. It even deflects heat in hot climates and can also be used to prevent or treat hypothermia.

Sticky taped seamsThe sleeping bag is of excellent quality seeing that it is made from mylar sheets sticky taped together. The sticky tape used doesn’t seem to be the cheap and nasty stuff though, and this bag is quite robust since it is made to be reusable. Of course the mylar may be punctured if you slept on bare ground with sharp sticks and rocks underneath you, plus it would be very uncomfortable. So we suggest making a “mattress” from green foliage/grass to preserve the sleeping bag and keep your back in good shape.

SOL Bivvy and CocoonCompared to the Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivvy, the Cocoon Emergency Sleeping Bag is about the same length, but a little wider. We recommend the SOL Escape Bivvy as a more permanent emergency shelter system for example, a lengthy bug out to your bug out location versus a night or two stranded in the wild or urban jungle which the Cocoon is more suited to handling. The unopened Cocoon package is considerably smaller than the SOL Escape Bivvy which makes the Cocoon more portable and therefore more likely to be carried.

Cocoon unfolded

Cocoon in pocket

Despite its overall size of 84 by 36 inches, the Cocoon Emergency Sleeping Bag folds up so small that it is literally “pocket size”. This emergency shelter fits easily into an average trouser or shirt pocket and is so convenient; why not keep several on hand for unexpected emergencies? What good is an emergency sleeping bag if you don’t have it on you when you really need it? Costing less than 10 dollars, the Cocoon Emergency Sleeping Bag by Survivor Industries is inexpensive, but could be a life saver in an emergency. We recommend this emergency sleeping bag for hikers, campers, EDC (It is small enough to fit in an average pants pocket!), survival kits, first aid kits and for anyone who may find themselves stranded and needing to spend a cold night either in the wild or as the result of an urban disaster.

Cocoon in survival-medic pouch