atka_pocket_drop2I actually got this nifty little item for free as part of a promotion when I purchased my Leatherman Sidekick a couple of weeks ago and after checking it out, I thought it was a real handy piece of kit and something worth putting in your EDC bag.

Ever been out and spontaneously decided you wanted to buy something like fish and chips and sit on the grass somewhere in a park or at the beach but didn’t have anything to sit on? Sometimes the grass can be wet or dirty so it’s nice to have something clean to sit on to avoid getting your clothes wet and gross.
Well for us preppers we like to be prepared for every situation we can come up with, if possible. Usually we can reach into our EDC bags and pull out something to solve the problem be it a tissue, snack, knife or perhaps a multitool but in this case who would want to haul around a non-compact tarp in their bag?
akta_logo_outputThe ATKA mini pocket drop (made by ATKA Gear, a US outdoor/survival gear manufacturing company) is an ultra lightweight drop sheet earth barrier which folds into a very small pocket which is actually part of the drop sheet itself so there’s no chance of you ever losing the pouch. It fits in your backpack, pocket or glove box without taking up much space or weight. In fact it’s folded size is 11 x 7 x 3 cm – tiny enough to fit on a keychain and opens up to a huge 110 x 70 cm.  For your convenience folding instructions are included on the actual sheet itself. The drop sheet even has weighted corners with eyelet rings so that you can peg it down or use it as a mini tarp shelter.
Listed in’s “Hottest 25 products of Outdoor Retailer Australia 2015” this is something that is well worth the $35 you pay for it.
You can purchase the ATKA Mini Pocket Drop from Zen Imports Pty Ltd in NSW, Australia by visiting their website