follow url The MEALSPEC Flameless Food Heater is a chemical reaction pack that heats to 104 degrees in just 12 seconds. It generates enough heat to boil water, hard boil an egg, cook fish fillets and heat pretty much anything else to provide a lightweight easy to use heating for emergency use, hiking, camping and any other outdoor activity where a hot meal would be more than welcome!

MEAL SPEC is on the track to becoming the leading manufacturer of flameless meal heaters on the market. MEAL SPEC is manufactured in the US by ENDEXO™ manufacturers (


Very similar to military issue MRE (meal ready to eat) flameless ration heat packs – only much better!


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  • Activation time from 4 seconds
  • Run time up to 12 minutes
  • Average temperature: 90 degrees C
  • Peak temperature: 100 degrees C
  • No failure report
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Weighs only 60 g
  • Measures 20 cm x 12 when folded

Cooking noodles with the MEALSPEC Flameless Food Heater

Following the instructions helpfully printed on the outside at the front of the heater pack, tear open the bag at the top and remove the foil bag from inside the sleeve.
Un-open this foil bag and then pop it back into the sleeve.

Open the heater element satchet


Place the heater element back into the bag (minus the wrapper of course)

Insert your meal placed inside a ZipLoc bag(make sure you use these instead of standard freezer bags) inside the sleeve. For this test we’re using some Veggie noodles that we’re going to try and cook. Ensure the sleeve is leaning against something before adding water.

Veggie noodles – yum!!!


Food placed inside a Ziplock bag ready for heating


Ziplock bag placed inside heater packet

Add water to the sleeve up to the fill line (100 ml or 3-4 oz). Close the sleeve quickly.
mealspec_test_10The heater packet will then begin to fill with hot air and start steaming as the chemical reaction kicks in.
After about 12 minutes, the meal should be ready to eat. I used  the stop watch on my  phone to time it exactly and the food was well cooked.. Open the zip lock at the top and remove your meal but you might want to use a pair of tongs and perhaps an oven mitt (to protect your hands from the steam) to remove the food – it is mighty hot. Don’t stick your hand in the bag as it’s around 100 degrees hot and will cause severe burns. Enjoy!

Tongs and oven mitt for good measure


Yum, yum, yum!!!


  • Activated heater produces heat and steam (very hot and can cause serious burns)
  • Do not use near open flame
  • Use in a well ventilated area
  • Once activated, do not reuse sleeve
  • If heater sleeve is damaged, do not reuse
  • The heater and its by-products are not intended for human consumption
  • Always activate heater with water before disposal
Hands down, this is the best flameless food heater available on the market. Best of all it packs down reasonably small and flat enough so as to not take up much space in an backpack.

Who is the MEALSPEC Flameless Food Heaters for?


Perfect for fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking, prepping, defence forces, emergency services and emergency home use and lot’s more! It is especially great for use in national parks where camping is permitted but not open fires to cook food or a Total Fire Ban is in place for the day meaning you cannot use open fires and gas stoves.

If you would like to order MEALSPEC flameless food heat packs then contact Motivating Ideas – the distributors for this product in Australia. You can email them at or visit them on Facebook at