NEXT72HRSA couple of weeks ago, I did an article on why it is important to carry a snake bit treatment kit with you whenever you venture anywhere into the bush and information on how to treat a snake bite (you can check out my article here). Well, now I have found an excellent snake bite kit that I wholeheartedly endorse and it has everything you need to treat a bite from a snake or other venomous creatures (e.g. Cone Shell, Blue Ringed Octopus and the Funnel Web Spider). Up until now, I was recommending the Bob Cooper Snake Bite & Venomous Creatures Kit and although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, this new kit I’ve got has a bit more to it than Bob’s kit (his contains only 3 compression bandages and an instructions sheet housed in a small zippered case and goes for $21.95).

As I stated in my article, buy modafinil malaysia the sooner you treat a snake bite, the greater the chance of the casualty surviving. Imagine you’re out bushwalking, it’s summer and you receive a brown snake bite on the trail. Not only will medical assistance/rescue teams take a significant amount of time to get to you but also you would most likely die because there’s nothing you can do to stop the venom from spreading.

With a good snake bite kit you or someone else can use the included compression bandages to maintain the correct amount of pressure on the affected limb/body part thus stopping the venom from spreading.

This kit is made by Next72Hours which is a small emergency preparedness business based in QLD Australia run by a couple of guys, Matt and Phil, both of whom are involved in the emergency services – ambulance and land search and rescue team (SAR).



purchase cytotec online The Next72Hours snakebite management kit includes:

  • 1 Pair of Latex Gloves
  • 1 Packet Sterile Gauze Squares
  • 1 Permanent Marker
  • 3 x 10 cm Compression Bandages
  • 1 Triangular Bandage
  • 1 S.O.L.A.S Approved Rescue Whistle
  • 1 Comprehensive Instructions Pamphlet
  • 1 User Friendly Patient Notes Card

The contents are vacuum sealed in a waterproof plastic bag to protect the contents from moisture, dirt and dust. Due to it being vacuum sealed it is amazingly compact and can fit in a cargo pocket and does not take up a lot of space in a bag.

The first item in the kit is a pair of latex gloves. Whenever you’re dealing with a medical emergency it is always imperative to protect yourself from body fluids and pathogens and also stop your own germs from infecting the patient with a pair of medical grade examination gloves. These gloves are latex which some people may be allergic to causing further complications to an existing emergency. Most paramedics, first aid officers and emergency department staff use nitrile these days as it does not cause allergic reactions. It would have been good if the folks at Next72Hours opted for nitrile gloves instead of latex but cost would probably have been the major factor here. I carry an extra pair of St John Ambulance issued nitrile gloves in my EDC go bag as well as in my first responder AmbuMask and mini trauma pack which are also kept in my go bag so that’s not a problem for me. If you decide to purchase this kit, you might want to do the same and carry spare nitrile gloves just as a precaution.

The next item is a packet of 3 medium-size, sterile gauze squares measuring 7.5 x 7.5 cm each. These are for covering the bite site before applying compression bandages. The medical staff at the hospital can take a venom sample from any venom that may be soaked up by the gauze pad and test it with a ‘venom detection kit’ to accurately ID the snake that caused the bite.

Included with this kit is a fine-point Sharpie permanent marker and what you do with this is you mark the bite site with a circle and an ‘X’ on the outside of the bandage along with the time the bite occurred. This information will help medical staff immensely. The Sharpie is also for filling in the patient notes card included with this kit.

Obviously we’ve got the 3 white compression bandages and each of them are 10 cm wide. Very good quality elastic and come with the usual clips to stop the bandage from unravelling after being applied. Some kits have two bandages, but it’s always good to have three to deal with bites on longer/larger arms and legs where an extra compression bandage is required to maintain the correct amount of pressure. As I mentioned in my article, the bandages must be firm and the pressure must be such that the venom won’t be able to travel through the lymphatic system and end up in the blood stream. Normal, run-of-the-mill crepe bandages or roller bandages in most cases wouldn’t cut it, so that’s why it’s important to carry a specialised snake bite kit in addition to your first aid kit (unless of course the first aid kit contains good quality compression bandages).

The next thing we have is a triangular bandage which is an extremely versatile piece of kit. A couple of it’s well known uses are packing wounds and stopping heavy bleeding and it can also be used as a sling to immobilise a bitten arm or tie both legs together if the bite happens to be on the leg.

A good quality SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) approved ‘tornado’ rescue whistle is included with the kit and has an extremely loud, high pitched sound. It is very effective, even in windy conditions and is also used a lot in marine safety/survival kits due to its ability to be heard over the sound of waves and the fact that it does not cease to work in water or extreme cold. This whistle is approved for and in use by NATO and US government military forces. If I were to choose one whistle it would be this one and I would definitely trust it to save my life. In fact I have a SOLAS whistle in my main personal survival kit tin. The purpose of this whistle in the snake bite kit is to signal for help by drawing attention to yourself should you be in a remote or difficult-to-access area and need to get medical help ASAP. It is 100 times more effective than screaming or shouting for help and will save precious time, breath and energy not to mention that the shrill sound of a whistle carries a lot further than a human voice.

The instructions sheet contains important information on symptoms and how to correctly manage and treat a bite received from a snake or other venomous creature. If you’re not trained in basic first aid, then you should have a read of these instructions and get them pat down in your head so when it comes time to use this kit, you know what to do and can do so with dexterity. It’s also a good idea to practice application of compression bandages with expired ones or otherwise long strips of scrap cloth cut to 10 cm wide.

The patient notes card allows you to document information/periodic observations on the patient as well as what happened. This will be very useful for ‘handing over’ the patient to the ambulance crew and will give them all the info they need to know regarding the emergency. This will save the paramedics from spending time gathering information themselves and filling in a casualty report card. This will save precious time and allow the ambulance crew to get the casualty to a hospital as fast as possible. We highly recommend and endorse the Next72Hours Snake Bite Management kit and believe it is an extremely valuable and worthy addition to any EDC bag, go bag, bush haversack and hiking daypack.

These snake bite kits currently go for $35 each (postage included to anywhere in Australia) or at a discounted price of $60 for two (postage also included) but they’re worth heaps more than their price. If you or someone else got bitten by a snake, you would be forever grateful that you had this snake bite kit on hand to correctly manage and treat the bite.

To order this life-saving snake bite management kit, email Next72Hours at Get several – one for your car, house, EDC bag etc. Of course you hope you never have to use it but as we always say, it’s about being prepared and in this case our motto “Be Prepared, Stay Alive” couldn’t be more true!

For more information on Next72Hours, visit their website, on Facebook and on YouTube (we’ve included the official Next72Hours demo video on how to use this snake bite kit below, enjoy!)

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read our review of the Next72Hours Snake Bite Management Kit!