This new-fangled 550 FireCord (pictured above) is making the rounds on the Internet at the moment and in particular, online survival equipment stores. It is essentially paracord with an extra red strand for fire starting purposes.

FireCord was invented by the folks at Live Fire Gear LLC over in the US. The huge upside about FireCord is that you’ve got a fire making capability (which mind you, is both very convenient and handy) as well as a lot of cordage (keeping the inner strands in mind).

You can order FireCord from the Live Fire Gear website: (for our American fans) or Cam’s Cords (for those in Australia).

How to Use It

FireCord looks just like regular paracord. The only difference is that when you cut the end off you will see the red strand.

After removing the end, pull out 3 hand lengths of the red strand. Using the back of a knife or a small rock, rub the fibres back and forth until you get a nice fluffy mess. You can then use a flint/steel fire starter, a match, a Zippo or butane lighter to light a fire.

After you’ve finished, seal the end off of the remaining cord with a quick flame from a match or butane lighter. I recommend the ‘Spool Tool‘ made by TricornE LLC for conveniently storing a large amount of FireCord. It even has a small blade for cutting the cord and a holder for a butane lighter to seal the ends off.

Nifty FireCord EDC Ideas…

  • Replace your boot and shoe laces with 550 FireCord
  • Replace the lanyard of your neck knife with FireCord instead of regular paracord.
  • Replace the zipper pulls on your bags with FireCord
  • Purchase a FireCord bracelet or make one with a fire starting buckle
  • Use FireCord as lanyards on the handles of your survival knives
  • Make a paracord belt out of FireCord. Here’s an excellent tutorial by one of my favourite Survival Experts, Creek Stewart that shows how to do it with regular paracord: