The kind folks at sent me several bandannas some time ago to test out. I’ve been really busy lately caught up with lots of things relating to running this website and have only got a chance to put a short review up here.

Hoorag is based in Florida in the USA and specialise in producing this revolutionary bandanna.

Anyway, I’ve been wearing this one-piece, tubular bandanna on hikes and bush walks for over a month now as it is winter down under. I typically use it as a neck gaiter or a bandanna over my nose. Its very comfortable and effective at stopping the cold from getting to your body. I’m very impressed with it.


They are made in China from 100% moisture wicking polyester microfibre and are rated at UPF30+ sun protection.

According to the Hoorag website, this bandanna can be worn in 10 + different ways:

  • Face mask
  • Neck gaiter
  • Head band
  • Alice rag
  • Balaclava
  • Pirate rag
  • Pony tail rag

For the survivalist, a bandanna can be used for:

1. Signal (also see signal mirror)
2. Neck Gaiter for cold weather
3. Tourniquet (But for Snake Bites use a Sawyer Extractor)
4. Pot Holder
5. Collecting Wild Edibles
6. Sun block for neck
7. Sling (first-aid – also see medical kits for you BOB)
8. Sling (as in David and Goliath)
9. Sling (for a staff )
10. Cordage  (strips or as is)
11. Washcloth/Towel (Bathe out of a Collapsible Bucket)
12. Sweatband
13. Waist pack/pouch
14. Hobo Pack
15. Padding a hotspot
16. Cleaning Patches for Firearm
17. Bullet Patches for Muzzleloader
18. Gun Wipe Cloth (with oil)
19. Toilet Paper
20. Mark a Trail
21. Dish Rag
22. Napkin
23. Eye patch
24. Pre-water Filter (like Coffee Filters)
25. Clean Glasses and other lens
26. Ear Muffs
27. Bind a stone and toss a line over a limb
28. Dust Mask (in Urban Survival)
29. Wet and wear for Hot Weather
30. Sneezing

(Adapted from buy Lyrica 75 mg online “30 Uses for a Bandanna”

Hoorags are available in a number of fabulous designs and colours. You can check out the full range on their website. I particularly like the camo and tactical designs that are available as they are particularly relevant to preppers, outdoors people and survivalists alike.

I recommend that you put a couple inside your bug out bag and emergency kits as well.

A great tactical accessory at excellent prices! Get yours now by ordering from