NomadSet3 850Xpectre’s Nomad Survival Bow breaks down to a super compact 16 inches – the most compact survival takedown bow we have seen on the market. Its small size makes it easy to store in a Bug Out Bag, INCH Bag or Survival Kit. The included arrows also break down to only 16 inches making this a very compact piece of kit. The included carrying case holds the dis-assembled pieces of the bow and arrows, and also doubles up as a back or waist quiver.Warrior arrows in quiver 850Both limbs are made from resin filled fibre glass and the riser is made from fibreglass. The riser includes an arrow rest made from metal coated with rubber to ensure a smooth release of the arrow.

Arrow Rest 850

The type and placement of the arrow rest means the bow can be used by both left handed and right handed archers. This bow performs equally well when shot right handed, and left handed. All you have to do to convert this bow for left handed use is flip it upside down.

Arrow in Rest 850

The limbs of the bow break down into 2 pieces, and do not need tools to be assembled. Simply slide the pieces of the limbs into the bracket in the correct order then slide the 2 assembled limbs into the brackets on the riser. You might want to mark the limbs before you disassemble the bow so that when you assemble it next time, the limbs will be bending the same way to eliminate uneven wear on the brackets. The Nomad Survival Bow only comes in a 45 pound draw weight at a 28 inch draw length. This draw weight is enough to take down a medium sized animals such as a deer, kangaroo, boar, or goat at a distance of no more than 40 yards; but I would not recommend using this bow on anything larger, as the draw weight may not be sufficient to get proper penetration of the arrow for a quick, clean kill at a greater distance.

Take down Limb 850


Take down Limb assembled 850

Bracket on Riser 850

A good quality 48 inch long 10 strand Dacron string comes with this bow, but does not have a marked nock point. I recommend that you mark the nock point on the string with some cordage so that you nock the arrows in the same place each time. This will ensure your arrow hits the target consistently because the arrow has the same trajectory every time you shoot. See the second picture below for example.

Bow String 850


Nock point with arrow 850

The Nomad Survival Bow comes with 4 100% carbon take-down arrows equipped with screw in 100 grain field tips.

Field Point 850

The arrow spine stiffness is 500, and the arrow weight is 7.4 GPI (Grains Per Inch). When fully assembled, the arrows measure 3o inches from carbon to inside of notch.

4 Arrows 850

Each arrow has 3 good quality 2 inch long fletching vanes that are very firmly attached and did not come off even after very heavy use, including several complete pass throughs of a tin can.

Arrow Fletchings and Notch 850

Although Warrior, the manufacturer of the arrows, says to flex the arrow before using to check for damage, Xpectre does not recommend flexing the arrows (probably because it may damage the screw insert), but rather to visually inspect for damage. The included field tips will not be able to kill any game larger than a rat, because field tips are only for target shooting. I recommend getting a fixed blade broadhead for each arrow of at least 100 grains which will be ample for the type of game you are able to take with this bow. You should also practice with the broadheads, so that when it is time to use them, you know how the arrow is going to shoot so that you will be able to compensate for wind speed and distance effectively.

We highly recommend the Xpectre Nomad Survival Bow for Bug Out Bags (BOB), I’m-Never-Coming-Home (INCH) Bags survival kits and other prepping uses, although this bow is also perfect for target shooting and a backup bow on a hunting trip. Xpectre says, when your food supply runs out in a long term survival situation, how are you going to procure more? The Spectre Nomad Survival Bow is the answer.

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