I bought this kit from Rays Outdoors in Australia for $55. It came in a clear blister package. The kit is very small and fits very nicely in a standard size pocket – its easy to forget that its there. The bright orange nylon outer bag is very easy to spot if you lose it on the trail.

The paraframe knife is tiny, uses a frame lock and has a belt clip on the back. The firesteel is a really nice quality rod of ferrocerium that would last about 7,000 strikes. I have used mine about a hundred times already and it has not fallen apart. It easily lights dry grass, wood shavings, lint, cotton balls and other tinders with just one or two strikes with the right technique. Use a very firm slow movement and press down hard with the srtriker onto the rod bracing the rod on the ground with the tinder pile in front. This produces a shower of very hot sparks right onto the tinder pile. The whistle is cheap, but very loud. The whistle produces a shrill beep like noise just over 100 decibels which is about the sound of a large diesel truck engine. The 3 metres of cord is not paracord but will do fine in a pinch. This kit does not list waxed string in the contents, but this kit comes with a nice quality roll of waxed string which is a little bit like very thick dental floss. About 30 cm of brass snare wire comes with this kit. This would be only enough to make one small snare for small game or a few repairs to some damaged gear. This kit comes with 8 very large matches in a vaccum sealed plastic bag. I have not tested these matches yet, but they should be waterproof.

I would recommend this kit for someone who just wants a basic kit to get them through an unexpected night in the bush, but I can’t quite see why you wouldn’t want to put together your own kit. After all only you know what you need in a survival kit and you can chose the high quality contents that you would want to trust your life on. If you are looking for a more complete kit and don’t mind paying a little bit more, I recommend the BCB NATO Military Survival Kit or the Esacpe and Evade Operator Survival Kit. OR better yet, if you are serious, put together your own custom Ultimate Survival Kit!

We rate this kit 3.5 out of 5 stars for its well thought out design and good choice of contents . We took off one and a half star for its high price for such a small amount of contents, and the fact that it did not come with anything to collect and/or purify water which is extrememly important for survival, it did not have enough snare wire, the cord is not paracord and there should be a sewing kit since clothing is your first line of defense for protection against the elements in a survival situation.