What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a vehicle wreck or found yourself in a sinking vehicle? What would you do if you found yourself stuck in a building under siege or on fire? This little device I’m about to review will help you get through a window or cut a seatbelt in a vehicle.
buy tinidazole online uk Let me introduce you to the Resqme…
The Resqme emergency key chain car escape tool is made by Resqme (www.resqme.com) which also produces a lineup of other safety products including the alertme (keeps you alert while driving), the protectme (extra strength pepper spray – only legal in WA by the way), the defendme Personal Alarm (which we’ll be reviewing shortly) and several different prepareme lifesaver kits which are basically a package comprising their other products.
The resqme is an innovative 2-in-1 key chain car escape tool that is made in the USA which is about the size of a car remote and is designed to extract you or someone else from a motor vehicle via a window in the event of a crash or sinking. It has a powerful built-in steel spike glass breaker capable of punching through laminated or tempered glass and a very sharp seatbelt cutter for rapidly cutting through jammed seatbelts. Over 3 million drivers around the world carry a Resqme for safety’s sake and general peace of mind.
With the Resqme, you can be 100% confident that you will be able to rapidly cut through jammed seatbelts and smash stuck windows when seconds count.
The Resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool is the smallest, most compact car accident escape tool currently on the planet. It is just  3.04 cm (1.2 in) high, 7.50 cm (2.93 in) wide and 5.4 mm (0.21 inch) deep annd weighs a mere 17 g (0.6 oz). The Resqme is currently available in a fantastic variety of colours to choose from including black, red, orange, green, yellow, pink, blue and magenta.
The Resqme is similar in operation and capability to the window punch tool (aka centre punch) carried on many fire and rescue appliances in Australia (see below image of Holmatro RCR Window Puncher for example).
holmatro window punch
buy provigil online forum Assisting others with the Resqme
This tool of course can also save the lives of others. If you happen to be first on scene at a road crash, you can use this tool to gain entry to the vehicle through the windows and assist the trapped occupants and then use the seatbelt cutter to cut through any jammed seatbelts. Obviously this little tool can never replace professionaly trained rescue crews and a full road crash rescue (RCR) set as the vehicle may be so severely damaged and the occupant(s) severely trapped or critically injured requiring the need for rapid intervention or heavy rescue equipment (aka Jaws of Life) to perform roof/side/pillar cuts or a dash roll.
broken-glass2Vehicle lockouts 
Another thing this tool is handy for is in the event of a vehicle lockout. After all other nondestructive methods have been exhausted and in extreme circumstances, you can use this tool to gain entry to your vehicle via a window then unlock your car. Of course, you will have to clean up the shards of glass and purchase a new window later.
A must for every responsible driver!
We fully endorse this affordable, reliable, robust life saving tool and recommend that you purchase some for yourself and some as gifts to give to your loved ones and friends. The Resqme tool is also definitely something that every firefighter and paramedic should carry on their person at all times especially when off duty.
To purchase, visit www.resqme.com and don’t forget to check out their other products as well!
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