Since 1932, Helle Knives represented the very highest traditions of quality in Norwegian craftsmanship. This knife production started in an old forge near the home of the founding brothers, Steinar and Sigmund Helle. The knife soon became extremely popular among the locals and their fame spread to other townsLes Stroud Survivorman, so the two brothers packed their bags full of knives and set off on bicycle towards the east to set up the foundations of this modern day knife manufacturing company. Today, Helle knives are still made manually in order to stick to Helle’s core philosophy of quality craftsmanship. As they always say, “No machine can replace the hands of a skilled craftsman.” Despite its aesthetic qualities, a Helle knife is not made to be an ornament. It is made to be used. Out of the many different knives Helle makes, today we are going to be taking a look at the Helle Temagami. Designed by Les Stroud (famous for his Discovery TV show “Survivorman”), the Temagami is a medium length, fixed blade bushcraft knife made at the Helle knife factory in Holmedal, Norway.
Design by Les Stroud 850pxUnlike other popular knives with 4mm+ thick blades, the Helle Temagami has a 3mm thick 11 cm long blade. This does not compromise the strength or quality of the blade at all, in fact it gives the Temagami an advantage over other thicker knives because thinner blades can be used for fine bushcraft tasks like what the Temagami was designed for. Helle knives are not survival tools, they are cutting tools, and the Temagami is no exception. The semi-full tang of the Helle Temagami provides the extra strength associated with bushcraft knives, and with the drop point style tip this makes for a stronger tip and overall, a more durable blade. Helle uses a unique triple laminated stainless steel that provides excellent edge holding toughness and ease for sharpening. Two layers of a tough food grade 18/8 stainless steel are laminated to the high carbon stainless steel alloy core which on its own, may be prone to rust or breakage. The high carbon stainless steel alloy core gives the Helle Temagami its “sharper than a razor” edge which stays sharp long and sharpens up easily again. The steel used is more expensive than that of most other knife brands, but this is all a part of Helle’s philosophy of never compromising on quality.

Temagami Tang 850px

The handle of the Temagami is 12 cm long and is made from Curly Birch – a tight grained and beautifully structured hardwood which is durable and easy to maintain and finish. Simply dry the handle with the included soft cloth if wet, and wax occasionally. Unlike other knife handles, the Temagami’s is long, wide and deep and works incredibly well in every hold you can imagine, offering a positive and safe grip. The contour of the handle feels very comfortable in big or small hands, with or without gloves. There is also a small finger guard built into the handle to prevent your fingers slipping onto the blade edge.

Helle Temagami Handle 850px

The tang is exposed on the top and butt end, but is covered by the wood of the handle on the finger side. This protects the fingers from direct contact with the steel in cold weather.

Temagami Bottom 850px

The Helle Temagami comes with a traditional Scandinavian style sheath which means you do not have to worry about securing the knife with additional straps – the knife is held in very securely by friction. You can easily remove and replace this knife with one hand which is a huge bonus when you only have one hand free when you need to cut something. The sheath is made of premium genuine leather and is double stitched with a welt at the seam. There is also a protective insert inside the tip of the sheath. This along with the welt is sufficient to prevent the knife from piercing through the leather in case of a fall or an overenthusiastic replacement of the knife in the sheath.

Temagami Sheath 850px

The sheath has a belt loop on the back, but no MOLLE straps – a traditional Scandinavian bushcraft knife is not designed for tactical operations, so that does not matter anyway.

Temagami Belt Loop 850px

Overall, the Helle Temagami is a great choice for bushcraft, or just general use. We really like the practical and good looking design of the knife and sheath and the fact that it was hand made in Holmedal, Norway with quality in mind. Les Stroud did a wonderful job designing this knife, and the team at Helle did an excellent job making it. In his tour of the Helle factory, Les said he wanted a knife that would be good to use and the user proud to use and own it. So, Les and Helle, this is one knife that I am proud to own and use. We would like to thank Helle Knives for letting us review this knife – we were not disappointed at all when the package arrived from the North Pole.

Temagami on cloth 850px

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