Two folding knives out of Gerber’s many impressive innovations in knife engineering and construction are the STL 2.5 drop point fine edge folder and its little brother – the STL 2.0 drop point fine edge folder. These rugged little featherweight folding knives can accompany their owner almost anywhere without causing interference. You will forget that you have one of these knives in your pocket – until you need it.

Thin profile 850

The ultra-lightweight handle of both of these little knives is made from stainless steel. The STL 2.5 weighs in at 42 grams and STL 2.0 weighs only 28 grams. The half-arc grooves stamped into the lower edges on each side of the handle offer the holder a steady grip with thumb and index finger while deploying the knife one-handed using the thumb hole in the blade.

Textured handle 850


Thumb slit 850

The frame lock system prevents the blade from closure during use for safety.

Frame lock 850

The blade material of the STL 2.5 is 7Cr17MoV stainless steel which is similar to the 440A stainless steel the STL 2.0 is made from. Both knives performed excellently at slicing open box tape, cutting rope, whittling and peeling fruit. The blades came sharp enough to shave paper into curls, but not sharp enough to shave hair. The fine edge of the blade allows for rapid and easy sharpening in the field. This knife does not have a belt clip, but does have a small lanyard hole which you can put a lanyard through for additional security. I recommend that you only use this knife for light tasks, as the very thin blade and frame lock may give way causing injury. The Gerber STL 2.5 was not designed to be used as a primary survival knife – it is too small, and may get a little uncomfortable in the hand after a bit of whittling.

Curled paper 850


Cut rope 850

Overall, we highly recommend this knife for low profile EDC, as a first knife for children, as a backup to your main folder, or even for packing in a pocket survival kit. Once again thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter … and as always, remember “Be Prepared, Stay Alive.”