Few knives are as dynamic as the Gerber Epic!

The Gerber Epic Fixed Blade Camping Knife is the big brother to the Gerber Basic Fixed Blade Knife and an excellent minimalist camping/utility knife. On first glance the knife looks somewhat tactical and appears to be well built – just what you’d expect from Gerber Legendary Blades! The Gerber Epic is great for camping and also hiking. At the end of this review I will tell who this knife is most suited for.

The blade


Since a knife is really only as good as its blade let’s start right here. Ok, the blade is made from 7Cr17MoV grade steel which is the Chinese equivalent of 440A American stainless steel – a tough  all-round durable steel commonly used in many survival knives today.

This knife is an absolute treat given the fact that it is full tang. Full tang is regarded by experts as the most toughest, durable way to design a knife. The blade length is 3.45 inches while the overall length is 7.4 inches. The blade features a combination fine edge and serrations which share half of the overall blade length each. While most reviews on the Internet for this knife complain about the serrations, they are excellent due to the fact that they can be used to cut through rope, seat belts, tree branches and needless to say they are still sharp as anything long since the fine edge may have become blunt. The tip of the knife is a modified blunt drop point which is pretty unique. On the spine of the knife is some jimping which is great for providing strength to your thumb when doing certain tasks such as cutting or batoning.

The knife came exceptionally sharp and to prove the point was enough to shave the hairs off my arm. Of course with a little more sharpening and touching up with a knife sharpener I was able to bring it up to razor sharp.

The handle


The handle is textured glass filled nylon which is one of the toughest materials around and is commonly used for survival and combat knife handles these days. The handle felt exceptionally comfortable when held in my hand which was quite surprising given the fact that it has a rather minimalistic, compact design.
On the edge side of the blade is a choil. A choil is basically a cut-away area between the edge and handguard of the knife. The choil on the Epic has enough space for my finger to curl around it sufficiently for greater leverage and grip
The knife handle also has two holes about 3/4 inch apart which is capable of fitting 550 paracord for lashing the knife to a stick to make an improvised spear. With a makeshift spear, you can increase the versatility and usefulness of this knife.

The sheath


The sheath is made from what appears to be hardened plastic or polymer. The knife fits firmly in the sheath and is secured by a simple yet secure thumb lock mechanism. One problem we found with the sheath is that when taking the knife out or placing it back in the sheath, the knife rubs against the plastic at the bottom of the sheath causing it to wear away. In the long term, this can be quite detrimental to the overall strength of the sheath and you may need to get a replacement from Gerber.

The belt clip


There is a very adequate belt clip on the back of the polymer sheath with is capable of fitting on belts of up to approximately 2 3/4 inches wide and due to its design is suitable for carrying on a MOLLE compatible vest or backpack. Due to the sheath’s secure locking mechanism, it’s possible to carry the knife up or down (which can be done via unscrewing the 2 screws in the clip). The reversible pocket clip also accommodates left or right hand carry and once again can be achieved by unscrewing the 2 small screws in the clip.

The bottle opener


There is also a bottle opener, which looks to be of the sort for opening alcohol bottles, on the end of the handle which can easily double up as an attachment for a karabiner or some 550 paracord.   To increase the versatility of this knife, it is possible to attach a whistle, small light or a firestarter at the end of the bottle opener.

Who’s this knife for?


Weighing in at just 5.12 oz (145.15 g) this knife is exceptionally lightweight and has a very low profile. We believe this knife is suitable for anyone wanting a good all-purpose utiility knife which is compact yet sufficient for a wide range of bushcraft tasks. This knife is great for hiking, camping or just Every Day Carry (EDC). We rate this knife 4 out of 5 stars for its well thought out, innovative design and overall craftsmanship. We took off a whole star due to the poor quality of the sheath – although it should still do the job.
Ok, we’ve just taken a look at the Gerber Epic Fixed Blade Knife . If you enjoyed this review, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for our latest reviews!