The Digger Bullet Pen is by far one of the finest genuine bullet pens I’ve seen on the market today. This pen is made by Oz Bullet Pens ( which is owned by Andrew and Carol Munden (both retired Australian military service personnel) and is based near Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

Oz Bullet Pens employs ex military service personnel with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills to carefully handcraft these pens. They produce 3 different pen ranges, namely the Basic, Elite and  Luxury ranges. The Basic Range is the Digger Pen which is made of two .308 rifle shells. The Elite range combines a single .308 cal rifle shell on the bottom with a range of unusual materials on top such as deer antler, buffalo horn, camouflage (jungle, desert, or urban), and a beautiful range of timbers and coloured acrylics. The Luxury range includes some unusual pens:  The Boss which is a single .50 cal rifle shell combined with a choice of acrylics, camouflage, wood, deer antler, or buffalo horn. The Bolt-Action Pen (and the one that fascinated me the most) features a unique bolt-action mechanism, and looks stunning in various different types of wood, as well as the ever-popular deer antler. It features a replica rifle shell, and makes a great and unusual gift. The Cherish Pen is made purely of acrylic in a range of colours, and is the perfect gift for weddings – ‘nuff said.  Finally you’ve got the Carbon Fibre Pen and this one is quite interesting.  But, today we will be only taking a look at the ‘Digger’.


The ‘Digger’ is currently their best-selling product and is very popular with male customers, needless to say. My initial thoughts of this pen were firstly that it was such an ingenious idea to craft a pen out of spent ammo and secondly (because I just love anything to do with the military), “wow!, this thing looks awesome!” The Digger is handmade from two recycled, genuine brass .308 cal rifle rounds (this particular pen used genuine Winchester brand rounds).  For the guys who like the technical facts, .308 cal (pronounced “point three-oh-eight”) is a high powered rifle shell commonly used in both hunting and police/military sniper rifles today. .308 is one of the most successful hunting cartridges in the USA and possibly the world.
The shells are deactivated and thoroughly cleaned to ensure that powder residue is removed as much as possible and comply with Australian firearm regulations. The pen is actually classified as ammunition but a permit is not required to own them. You have the option of customising your pen by engraving your name on it (to prevent jealous friends from ‘accidentally’ pocketing it) and also a choice of the nib colour (gold, silver or copper) and clip style (rifle, fish cross or plain). All Oz Bullet Pens come with a 2 year warranty and do not require any special type of refills. Generic pen refills can be purchased from just about any supermarket or news agency. If you’d like to use a waterproof refill as opposed to a standard one, we recommend the Rite in the Rain All Weather Pen Refills for this purpose.
Like all other pens, this bullet pen is primarily a writing implement… Firstly, unlike standard, cheap aluminium pens, this pen is definitely not going to break on you, and secondly in a pinch, this pen can be used as a non-lethal self-defence implement (aka tactical pen) and is capable of packing a painful punch should the need ever arise. Not only are these pens great for what they’re capable of, they are ideal as the perfect gift for military men, outdoorsmen, hunters, shooters, anglers or just about any tough guy who likes being prepared…. and maybe even special ladies too! These pens are extremely tough and its great to have a few of these around – so check them out!

Be advised that when travelling interstate or internationally, due to airport security regulations and the fact that bullet pens are classified as ‘tactical pens’, these pens will probably not make it through airport checkpoints – don’t even try, its not worth the risk. You wouldn’t want to lose this nice pen would you? So if you get one of these pens, always make sure to pack it into your checked in baggage (or post it back home if you don’t have checked in baggage).

Where Can I Get These Pens From?


Oz Bullet Pens’ products are available for international sale and are not just restricted to Australia. Of course import duties, state tax, and postage in many countries add considerably to the cost, so it is worth looking for local suppliers first. If you live in the US, I suggest that you take a look at Junior’s Bullet Pens as an alternative option. Some of their pens are pretty similar to the ones made by Oz Bullet Pens. At an affordable price of just $30 AU (with a complimentary soft case) or $35 AU with a hard gift case, this pen makes a great gift which is both practical and something to be cherished for years to come. We highly recommend you get this pen for yourself and perhaps several for your family or friends. You can check out their other stylish pen ranges here which you may also be interested in purchasing.Something really commendable about Oz Bullet Pens is that they believe in giving back to the community and so a portion of their profits goes to various veteran’s charities in Australia (such as Soldier On and Legacy Australia)… so its great to know your purchase isn’t going to some greedy company out there but is actually supporting a worthy cause – those who have served our country both in times of war and peace.

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